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About Outdoors At Last Youth Adventures Albemarle Chapter

Outdoors At Last Youth Adventures (ODF) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

Outdoors At Last is 100% volunteer based.

Outdoors At Last Youth Adventures - Albemarle Chapter focuses on hunting, and fishing adventures in North East North Carolina.

Being donation driven means that we are constantly using the donations for better hunting, and fishing adventures for the youth of North Carolina.

Outdoors At Last Youth Adventures gives special needs children the chance to go hunting, and fishing who would otherwise have no option to do so.

The Albemarle Chapter make hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities available to kids from military and veteran families, special needs kids, and kids who want to participate but don't have a place to go or someone to help them.

Why Braving The Elements Are Important For Our Generations Youth

Hunting with young people allows them to develop their observational skills, and helps them gain the confidence and comfort level they need to enjoy a lifetime in the outdoors. This is why it is important for our youth to get outdoors and experience wildlife; it will be a priceless experience and endless experience as a future hunter, conservationist, and adventurer!

Today’s youth have more options than ever before to spend their free time. In North Carolina and across the country, there is a decline in the number of youth getting involved in traditional outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting or general outdoor enjoyment. Recent research states that experience outdoors, especially during childhood, may be the single most important influence on how people think about the environment. Investing in our youth is important. Outdoors At Last Albemarle Chapter thrives on helping youth through volenteers.

The OAL Albemarle Chatper goal is to develop young people’s knowledge of interrelationships of clean air, water, soils, and healthy fish and wildlife populations and promote stewardship of the land.

Train and support adult mentors to facilitate local youth programs related to outdoors and natural resources education.

Outdoors At Last's Mission Statement

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OAL is an non-profit organization dedicated to helping special needs children experience the joys of hunting and fishing. 🌳🎣 This community is volenteer driven, and passionate volenteers at that.

Outdoors At Last is on a mission to create unforgettable outdoor adventures for these amazing kids, allowing them to connect with nature and learn valuable skills. We believe everyone deserves the chance to explore the great outdoors!